Елена Губкова (gubkovalena) wrote,
Елена Губкова

English Writing 21/300

Last week.
Mon: pumpkin pie, cutlets in the oven.
Tue: buckwheat, cutlets in dough.
Wen: chicken stew.
Thu: nothing I did at all.
Fri: cabbage and cucumber salad (very weird), cabbage soup with chicken.
Sat: cake Medovik with sour cream. Definetely to my Recipe book! Easy to make, tasty to have.
Sun: pizza + mini pizzas, frozen mushrooms.

Pumpkin pie. Yacky. I did it just to rescue the pumpkin Slava had bought.

I had promised - I did. The skirt, the cake.

Olesya behind Medovik

Mini pizzas. Nearer the bone the sweeter the meat (остатки сладки)
Tags: Дневник на английском, Хозяйке на заметку

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