Елена Губкова (gubkovalena) wrote,
Елена Губкова

English Writing 20/300

Just notes...
I baked a cake Medovik with sour cream today!!! I'm a monster! An hour and a half including cleaning the kitchen afterward.
My head is aching today from time to time. I think it's my thoughts about preparing for lessons and actual not preparing for them. Sucks!
Tomorrow Dima's parents are coming and we are going to bake pizza for them. Adorable!
Yesterday I got a parcel from Mother. Birthday's coming! She sewed a beautiful skirt for me, but it is back to back on my waist! Oh dear! Now I have to lose a santimetre, because I already love this skirt!
I promise I will take a picture of me in the skirt with a piece of the cake :-)))
Tags: Воспоминания, Дневник на английском

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