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English Writing 19/300

What I cooked last week. Actually I became tired of cooking very soon, thus last week was weak.

Mon: Dumplings from Ermolino, vegetable salad.
Tue: chicken borscht, soft biscuits (weird were they, I tell you).
Wen: chicken noodles, barley porridge (перловая каша).
Thu: scrambled eggs, fruit salad.
Fri, Sat: I did nothing. Enough with me.
Sun: Frozen pizza from Ermolino and chips (crisps). Definitely the end of cookery club!
Tomorrow children are going to school. I have to bake something, because they don't like school food and don't have nor breakfasts neither lunches. Slava is asking for cutlets in dough. Maybe, maybe. But I will write about this masterpiece next Monday.

On October, 31 Slava bought two pumpkins. He made a Jack o'lantern of one and another one is a torture for me. I hate pumpkins, don't like to peel them, don't like their taste. I'm always epic fail with cooking anything of them. Notwithstanding that today I decided to rescue that last pumpkin and baked a pumpkin pie. We haven't tried it yet though it's looking good. I hope it's OK inside.
Tags: Дневник на английском, Хозяйке на заметку

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