Елена Губкова (gubkovalena) wrote,
Елена Губкова

English Writing 17/300

November has come! 16 days to my birthday. I am very nervous with it. No big plans. Just meeting in Moscow with three of my friends. Maybe Dima's parents will come on Saturday, maybe not. Not a big deal either. I will be forty. It is not as important as the whole life. I'm not waiting for any special gifts, because I already have what I need, except a flat in Pyatigorsk, but that's not my friends' or relatives' problem. So why am I so bored and irritated?
Actually I don't like November, December and January as the months with the shortest days and the longest nights. These short days I just want to fall asleep till February, better March. Unfortunately (or luckily?) I'm not a bear...
I'm having a lot of English this Autumn, really, like food. For breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Tags: Дневник на английском

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