Елена Губкова (gubkovalena) wrote,
Елена Губкова

English Writing 10/300

Last week I cooked a lot, more than I did in September.
September was very busy but more relaxed than September 2018. Maybe because I already knew what to expect from it. October is even easier than September.
Oh yes, about cooking.

Last week it was:
Mon: cabbage soup with meatballs.
Tue: semolina porridge, salad of fresh vegetables, buckwheat, sausages in the dough.
Wen: oatmeal.
Thu: chicken cutlets, сырники.
Fri: borscht.
Sat: rice by Dima
Sun: stew goulash (гуляш из тушенки) and spinach spagetti (спагетти шпинатные) by Dima, Sverdlovsk puffs (свердловские слойки, convection 210C, 12-15 min). The last are amazing! I'm a goddes of bakery!

Tags: Дневник на английском, Уборка, Хозяйке на заметку

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