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English writing 8/300

Seems like every day is very long and there are many things to do, but the week, or dear!, less than a handkerchief or even a matchbox. How come?
Today I'm cleaning the wardrobe in the bedroom. There are my and Dima's clothes, books and documents, linen, some hardly known stuff like gouache and a lot of dust at the top!
I promised to post yesterday photos. Here they are.

I said goodbye to seven things and four pairs of shoes. Shoes might be useful for my son except one high-heel pair. I wanted to keep them, they are really nice and comfortable but I hadn't put them on for two years! I thought maybe I could wear them on my English classes, but no... but... maybe yes... I don't know!
By the way, my birthday is coming and I'm afraid of wishing anything.There will be things again with which I will have to do something, to take care of them. Aaargh!
I have found out that none of bought-last-year shoes is good for me :-/. None! Shoes are my pain. I want to buy some new sneackers for autumn.
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