Елена Губкова (gubkovalena) wrote,
Елена Губкова

English Writing 5/300

Today must have been a digital-detox day, but when i woke up I suddenly decided to have an only-English-speaking-and-even-thinking day! I told my children about the decision. Slava agreed instantly. He looked happy and amazed at the same time. Olesya doesn't speak English but she already knows "yes, no, thank you, I love you". Suppose that is enough to understand each other.
Today I am going to study English course books, such as Outcomes, Navigate, Face2Face, New Opportunities (not sure about the last one).
I'm reading "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" (98 of 177 pages already!) and I am really going to implement the book ideas into my life.
Have a good day, everybody!
P.S. Digital detox is arranged on Saturday.
P.P.S. One man in our district made a great sculpture of bride and groom. Look! I love such people who make our world more beautiful or cleaner.

Tags: Дневник на английском, Сила воли

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