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English writing 3/300

I've read "Three wishes" by Liane Moriarty (2003). There are three sisters, moreover they are triplets, but there are not many things in the world more different than them. I liked the book pretty much, though this topic of bullying and abusing is rather repetitive (I read three Moriarty's book). Nonetheless I'm going to read her other books, she is my favourite Australian writer.
One of the triplrets named Lyn uses the book "The seven habits of highly effective people" (Stephen Covey).
As far as I have never read it, I decided that better later than never and began.
Firat of all: what if it works and I would become an effective woman?
Secondly: there is advice to change genres of books you read. Ok, here I am!
"The seven habits" is quite easy to read and understand, yet I've read onle 1%.
Small steps to a big goal (do they say so in English?)
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