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Киноосень 2018 на английском без субтитров.

Seven movies in two months - that's great of me!
1. 25.10.18 досмотрела Общество мёртвых поэтов. За 4 раза. Dead Poets Society, 1989. I did it. I cannot say it was for me. Maybe I did not understand something important because I had watched it in English. Mr Kidding is a teacher of English poetry. An odd original teacher. His students organize Dead Poets Society. As I could understand once he has been already fired because of his teaching methods. In this college one student wants to become an actor but his father wants him to be a doctor. By the help of Mr Kidding Neil takes part in a play. His father is still against an actor career of his son. Neil suicides. Mr Kidding is fired once more but his students understood and accepted his point of view.
2. 26.10.18 Хористы. Les Choristes 2004. Уложила детей спать, хотела посмотреть полчаса. В итоге досмотрела до конца. Ребята, на французском, который я знаю гораздо хуже английского. Господи, но фильм - чистое наслаждение, больше всего из-за пения, в первую очередь солиста мальчика. Выучила нового актёра Жан-Батист Монье. Влюблена. Пересмотреть обязательно. Всё-таки до чего хороший, проникновенный, лучший фильм за последнее время, правда, я и смотрю мало. Вообще, французские фильмы мне даже больше нравятся, чем английские. Долгое время любимым фильмом был "Амели". Не меньше 8 раз его посмотрела.
3. 27.10.18 Letters to Juliet. How Lucky I am. Today is the 27th of October the second film in line is the best I watch the romantic comedy named Letters to Juliet I can say it is wonderful. I'm very glad I have watched it. It is about love which is never late and an old woman looking for and she found her first love which was here 30 years ago say he is there main hero she's a journalist and she wants to ride books she goes to Vienna with her fiance and find the a wall of Juliet well you can talk a lot but it's better to see once than to read a hundred times and then very happy that I watch this film two days in a row yesterday. French field masterpiece and today I saw this these Letters to Juliet well my children are outside with her granny and my son is working and I've got a lot of free time so I was going to watch this feelings for two months and I did it in 2 days.
4. That's what I am. I liked it. About first teenagers' love or something like that, about friendship with Stanley Big G clever but ugly boy, about tolerance, about talented teacher Mr Simon who has been suspected in being a gay. Very amusing or interesting clothes, these short trousers. The action takes place in 1965, may be tha’s why they wear so funny clothes. Nice film.
5. 16.11.18 досмотрела"Звёздочки на земле". It is about a talented in painting boy with dyslexia. Very interesting but a little bit too long as most of Indian movies. A lot of songs. The most amazing for me was mixing of Hindu and English in characters’ talks. The teacher Nikumbh helped Ishaan in his studies.
6. 20.11.18 In two days I have watched "Under the Tuscan Sun". I read somewhere there are a lot of beautiful sites of Italian Tuscana. Indeed, there are. The film is about love and affairs. It’s funny, that I saw the third film where they spoke mixed languages (after the Letters to Julliet and Taare Zameen Par (Звёздочки на земле)). I’m not going to rewatch it. Deleted.
7. 28.11.18 The Godfather (part 1). It’s a masterpiece. It’s true. Al Pachino, Robert de Niro, an actor of Tom Hagen – they are just talented stars. That actor of Tom Hagen, what’s his name? He looks just like our president. But notwithstanding all this I prefer the book. It contains more details, it is scarier. Still I am going to watch parts two and three.
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